Paid Courses

Admission to special courses requires only an examination in the major subject, which can be completed by sending an audio or audio-video recording, inserted to the application form below.

Offer and prices (the number of lessons per year is optional):


Major subject – Lessons per year / Fee (including 21% VAT)

30 (45-min. lessons) / 60 000,- CZK
60 (45-min. lessons) / 120 000,- CZK


It is possible to enroll in other, complementary subjects:


The Czech language course – Lessons per year / Fee (including 21% VAT)

30 (45-min. lessons) / 19 500,- CZK


Other specialized subjects (more accurate information on fees on request)


  • Obligatory piano
  • Chamber music
  • Individual lessons with accompaniment
  • Accompaniment
  • The course of music theory and harmony
  • The course of music history




    The academic year at the Prague Conservatory begins on September 1 and ends on June 30. Foreign applicants for special courses may also enroll during the course of the academic year except for July and August which are reserved for summer vacation. Potential applicants who have not yet consulted any of the faculty will be referred to the head instructor for their selected major subject, with whom the program, its scope, and its duration may be arranged. Special courses program can be arranged for periods ranging from several months to several years. Students are required to pay their term tuition fees in advance depending on the scope and duration of the arranged study program. As a part of special courses students may participate in some of the chamber ensembles, the choir, or the symphony orchestra. Like Czech students, foreign students may perform in various concerts organized by the Conservatory and also in the end-of-year exams.

    Upon completing the course graduates receive a certificate giving the subject, duration, and scope of studies, the name of the head instructor in their major, and a brief description of the student’s academic performance.

    Unfortunately, the Prague Conservatory does not have its own dormitory. Nevertheless the school can provide assistance with finding accommodation and catering facilities to some extent.

    For more information, contact secretary for foreign students, Ms. Emilie Kratochvilova.